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About Science + Nature

The Week Junior Science + Nature is an exciting new monthly magazine designed to unlock the fascinating world of STEM subjects for 8-14 year olds.

Each issue is jam-packed with mind-blowing facts and incredible information, that will ignite your pupils' curiosity and passion for discovery, as it reveals the hidden ways that science is in everything. It also provides you with a simple and easy way to add breadth and depth to your science curriculum each month.

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  • Enrich STEM teaching and learning with up-to-date research covering a wide range of scientific ideas
  • Engage pupils in STEM with exciting features covering subjects such as neuroscience, psychology, forensics, space science, evolution, and many more - all written by experts
  • Inspire pupils to get involved in worldwide issues such as plastic pollution and the fight against malaria
  • Encourage pupils to work scientifically with opportunities to run experiments, collect evidence and explain their findings 
  • Stimulate debate and reasoned argument around current scientific issues


Science and Nature cover


Key Features of Science+Nature

That’s amazing!

JSN That's Amazing
The latest discoveries, inventions and innovations.


Animals and Nature

JSN Animals and Nature
The secrets of the animal kingdom revealed.


For or against?

JSN For or Against?
From bringing extinct animals back to life to the quest to live forever, each issue tackles a controversial topic and looks at all sides of the argument.


Mysteries of science

JSN Environment
Explore the science behind mythical stories from aliens to the Loch Ness Monster.


The Lab

Get hands-on with experiments, activities and things to make.


Heroes of science

JSN Heroes of Science
Find out about the people behind the scientific discovery.


Dan Green

I'm delighted to introduce a brand-new magazine from the award-winning creators of The Week Junior. Science+Nature is perfect for KS2 and KS3. Using the inventive editorial techniques of The Week Junior, Science+Nature addresses its readers as equals, and is accessible to a range of reading levels and reading styles. We employ the clearest thinkers on the trickiest subjects to ensure each issue takes readers on a voyage of discovery, adding ideas and inspiration to science in the classroom every month.

Dan Green, Editor


Tennyson Road Primary
Mrs Gotch, Assistant Head Teacher

The science magazine has been a big hit with my class! They all want to read it. They are engrossed in the fascinating facts and will then ask more questions and often want to research more afterwards. The layout is very child friendly and age appropriate.

Pupil image
Simona - Year 6

I really like that it's full of facts and pictures that go with them. They are really interesting and fascinating!

Pupil image
Vikki - Year 6

I love the experiment page! Like ‘how to make a bouncy egg! It makes me want to go home and do it!